Music Notes


It’s that time of year when teachers wish for yet more time with students! Of course, this feeling started in March this year. We have come to the end of a year like none other.  Before March, “Zoom” meant you were travelling at a high rate of speed, washing hands took much less time than singing two choruses of “Happy Birthday” and hugs were everywhere. COVID 19 changed our world.

Here we are in June, wondering about school in the fall. I believe we have seen the emergence of unsung heroes in our community – from our first responders, to our grocery clerks and gas station attendants, our trash companies, postal workers and our take-out restaurant personnel.

We are grateful for our community’s educators who worked so hard to try to maintain classroom traditions in the midst of upheaval. Teachers offered Talent Shows, classroom learning opportunities, and continued contact with their students. I loved Zooming many music classes! Zoom helped us know our students better as we were able to visit homes. (One of our students “shared” her new twin sisters for all to see!) And, didn’t you just love the “Morning Minute”? In addition, our custodians have worked so hard sanitizing our classrooms.

In March, our fifth graders had shown a basic understanding of note values, dynamics, and musical terms. We were preparing for our “end of the year concert”. Younger students, too, were preparing for an Open House performance and classroom plays. Choir had two more performances at Valley Pines, a performance at Mushroom Mardi Gras, Morgan Hill Memorial Day Ceremony, and the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast. Sadly, all of those events were cancelled.

However, making lemonade out of lemons, choir members do have some awesome memories of our Holiday performances, our visits to our elderly friends, and our Stanford trip. And, I think all the youngsters singing “Poppies, Golden Poppies” has resulted in the profusion of our state flower around Morgan Hill!

This year’s Patriotic Sing has been cancelled, and the 4th of July Parade will have a whole new look. Entries will be videotaped walking down Peak Ave. Those images will be used to create a broadcast (think the “The Rose Parade”), and made available for all to see. I plan to gather some singers for this production.

 I’m not sure what “Being together in a classroom situation” will look like next year. But, I do know, our administrators and district officials will be working to create the best, and safest, learning environment for your youngsters.

Not only have we learned songs and played music this year, but we have studied about the instruments of the orchestra, the great masters of music and music theory. We have discovered how music has helped people promote their causes, enabled them to work through adverse circumstances, soothed them in times of tragedy and brought a sense of joy and hope from the use of a melody.

Thank you so much to our Home and School Club and Mr. McDonald for supporting my music curriculum. And, thank you to all of you who have supported our school fundraisers. The children benefit from music, assemblies, and field trips. Thanks to your generous support, we made beautiful music together for most of this year!

          With a song in my heart,

          Karen Ann Crane