Principals Message

Message from Mr. McDonald

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Good morning El Toro!

We are running a car parade tomorrow, Friday, starting at 12:00 noon. We miss El Toro!!!!

I am attaching a YouTube video and a parade map for you. We are missing you deeply and we want to see you, wave at you from our cars as we go through our neighborhood. As we head into Spring Break, we want to spread a little cheer to you and your family.

See you tomorrow!!!

It is always a GREAT day to be at El Toro!

Mr. McDonald




Sunday, March 29, 2020

Happy Sunday El Toro!

Here we are another week of Flexible Learning! I have put together a few YouTube videos for you and your students to take the place of what we normally do on the Hill every Monday morning. This first video is the pledges to start our week.

Video #2, highlighting students that have completed their grade level for Lexia!

I am very proud of our students continuing to work on Lexia and all the programs we use at El Toro!

Keep it up El Toro!

Word of the week -Best Effort!

You can always do your best!

Ok, last one for this week!

This is about the lunch program and our Virtual Spirit Week!

Please post pictures of your student on the Home and School Club Facebook page showing our school spirit during the Shelter in Place!

Monday - Pajama / Pet Day

Tuesday - Favorite Book / Character Day

Wednesday - Wacky Wednesday

Thursday - Get Moving Day!

Friday - Creativity / Color Day

Find out more about each day's theme as you join the El Toro Home and School Club Facebook page!

Let's show our school spirit!

Have a GREAT week!

It is always a GREAT day to be from El Toro!

Mr. McDonald


Friday, March 13, 2020

The normal expectations for every El Toro student to work on their minutes/units in Lexia, master math skills on IXL, on Mathseeds, on Prodigy or on Khan Academy, and complete Reading logs/journals still apply. I will be sending other online resources as the days progress for your student as well. This is not an extended vacation, we still need to do our best so that our students access the curricular programs to the best of our abilities. I am not asking for you to be a teacher, but rather a facilitator so that our students can continue to grow despite the school shutdown.

Some parents, family members or guardians may not be aware how students access these online resources while at school, so I will be making quick instruction Youtube videos early next week showing you how to get your student(s) into programs like Lexia, IXL and how to access Clever which is a launch pad for most if not all of our online programs.

I really appreciate your patience and understanding as we start to get a handle on the situation, make the best out of the situation and in the meantime making things as normal as possible for our school community. 

If you have any questions, please email me directly at

It is always a GREAT day to be at El Toro!

Mr. McDonald