Principals Message

Message from Mr. McDonald

Hello El Toro!

I know there are a lot of happy 49er fans out there, congratulations! Big game next weekend to see who goes to the Super Bowl. We have an overflowing lost and found, please see if your child has a jacket or two. After Friday school is over, we will be gathering up all lost and found that isn't labeled and donate these items to Cecilia's closet.

Here are the events, news, and announcements for this week:

Monday, January 13 - Meeting at the hill 7:45am. Word of the week is "Helpful."

Tuesday, January 14 - Mrs. Crane is still not feeling well, so no music or choir this week. We wish her a speedy recovery, we miss her! 5th graders head off to Science Camp until Friday. Best week in 5th grade! Home and School Club monthly meeting in the staff room at 6:30pm. All parents are welcome, especially our HSC Senators.

Wednesday, January 15 - Early release day at 12:45pm.

Thursday, January 16 - College shirt Thursday, wear a college shirt if you have one.

Friday, January 17 - El Toro spirit day, wear your El Toro swag or red. 5th graders return from Science camp. Since the 49ers won their playoff game, Levi stadium is postponing all field trips this week. Our 3rd graders were scheduled to go, but we will be informed of another date and plan accordingly for this field trip later in the year after football is done.

If you have any questions, please email me, call me, or drop by the office.

It is always a GREAT day to be at El Toro!

Mr. McDonald