Parking, Drop Off/Pick-Up

Safety Plan For After School Pick-up

Please follow these guidelines so that we don’t have an unfortunate accident:

1. The yellow school bus will continue to follow the same procedure by parking at the red curb on Calle Mazatan. Our bus students walk in a line when the bus is visible.

2. The actual parking lot is reserved for TK and Kinder parents as they meet their teacher/student at the MPR doors. We do not release our little ones unless there is an adult to pick them up.

3. TK and Kinder parents should always have their parking placard on the dash of  their car when parked in the parking lot.

4. The yellow curb in the parking lot in front of the MPR is reserved for our local after school childcare providers to park as they load students onto their short bus or vans. No parent should be parking or picking up their students using this area.

5. Students that walk home will follow the same procedure as usual.

6. Finally, the big change involves the round circle pick up area with our Safety Patrol cadets. When you enter the round circle there will be an adult asking you who you are picking up and from what grade. That adult will radio another adult to prepare the student for pick up at the round circle. We ask that cars pull as far forward as possible to load your student. Students will be seated at the green tables by grade level waiting for pick up rather than gathering around the big gate and walking along side cars as they pull up. Again, we ask for your patience as we continue this new procedure. The ultimate goal is to keep all students, staff and parents safe.

If you have any questions, please call me, email me or drop by the office.

It is always a GREAT day to be at El Toro!


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