Let's All Sign In
Checking In For El Toro Earth Day Project!
The Jones Family Leads the Way
Look at Those Smiles!
Ms. Golubock & Her Son Caden
Father - Daughter Collection Team
Cleaning Up Paradise Park
We're Ready to Beautify the Town!
Gearing up to Pick up Trash
Mr. Ed Bringing in Creek Trash
We Found A Lot of Trash
Let's Go Get That Trash!
Mrs. Seaton and Family
Ms. Koepnick and Family
The Villarreal's Are Ready to Clean Up the Park!
Getting the Trash Out of the Creek
Honoring Earth Day 2021
The Jones Family Gets Ready
Mr. Ed Cleans the Creek
Mrs. Seaton Means Business!
Let's Do This!!
Mr. McDonald Gets Trash Pick Up Tips
How Much Does That Trash Weigh?
That Rug Was Heavy!
Mr. McDonald Adds to the Pile of Trash
Our Tally - 503 POUNDS of Trash!
Mr. McDonald Organizes the Bins
Well, it's Friday, right?
Where is everyone???
Mr. McDonald Gets Lassoed! You Can Too!
Enjoying Fresh Fruit Grown at El Toro!
Students Enjoy Delicious Fruit
First Hybrid Class Arrives. Welcome Back!!
College Flags Fly Daily At El Toro!
Trotting Around the Drum Fit Ball
El Toro Bull ~ Ole, Ole, Ole!
Second Graders Get Fit With Drum Fit
Twin Day?
4th Grade Visits Santa Cruz
Monday on the Hill
Mr. McDonald's Twin Gives a High Five
Nurses from Valley Medical Center say Thank You!
VMC Nurse Thank Ms. Scovel's Class
Don't You Want A High Five
We Miss You Already!
Ms. Robbie Explains Creating with Clay
Creating Imaginary Animals
You Must Score & Slip to Connect
Mrs. Jones Assists Ella
What is the Best Way to Connect an Ear?
My Imaginary Animal!
Earth Day Planters
Earth Day T-Shirt Bags!
Earth Day Plants
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