Mr. McDonald Organizes the Bins
Office Staff Prepares To Greet Our Families!
Packet Distribution
We Miss You Already!
College Flags Fly Daily At El Toro!
The First Apple Tree Will Be Here
Our Second Apple Tree Fits Great Here
Mr. McDonald Clears the Weeds
That's A Lot of Weeds
Such Dedication to El Toro
Olivia & Her Dad Planting a Fifth Grade Legacy Apple Tree
Fifth Grade Legacy Apple Trees
Happy Birthday Mr. McDonald!
Mr. McDonald is Having Fun!
Oh Happy Day!
Birthday Wishes
Say Cheese
So Many Balloons!
Mr. McDonald Celebrates
Jump on Up Mr. McDonald
Give Me A High Five
We Love Your Masks!
Our Amazing Principal
Look At Those Great Smiles!
Great Big Birthday Wishes!
Mr. McDonald Jumps Aboard
So Much Fun!
Celebrating with Mr. McDonald
Triple Happy Birthday
Mr. McDonald Is So Happy
What A Great Day!
How Much Does It Cost To Make This Pizza?
Creating a Delicious Dessert Pizza
The Pizza's Ready! YUMMY!!
Kindness Week - Smile Wall
Trotting Around the Drum Fit Ball
El Toro Choir Sings at the "Taste Of Morgan Hill"
El Toro Bull ~ Ole, Ole, Ole
TWIG In Action!
Chinese in the Classroom!

Students learn Chinese from Beijing, China through our virtual classroom.

Second Graders Get Fit With Drum Fit
TWIG Project
17,870 Meals Served At El Toro On Monday!!
Kinders Enjoy the San Benito County Fair!
Fourth Grade At O'Neill Sea Odyssey!
Second Graders See "The Cat in the Hat"
4th Grade Visits Santa Cruz
Can You Explain What You Made?
The GREEN TEAM Serves Farm Fresh Food!
Olivia - Rotary Student of the Year
Monday on the Hill
Ms. Scovel's Class Learns About Finance
Our Green Team
El Toro Bull and Friends
Bryson Leaves His Legacy in the Library
Apples and Persimmons
Exploring TWIG Science
Ms. Amanda and New Ms. Amanda
CJ Leaves His Legacy in the Library
Brandon - El Toro's Principal for a Day

Brandon won the opportunity to be Principal for a day at our Evening with Santa. Congratulations Brandon!

Learning New Steps
El Toro Scientists at Work!
Fifth Graders Off to Science Camp
Nicholas Leaves a Legacy

Nicholas leaves his legacy by displaying his art work on a ceiling tile for the El Toro Library.

What are You Making?
Learning to Balance
Mr. McDonald's Twin Gives a High Five
Brooklyn Leaves Her Legacy in the Library
Congratulations Jenna!!
Twin Day?
MHPD Serves Lunches
Mr. McDonald Distributes Work Packets
Mr. McDonald Explains Assignments
Sarah & Hayden Enjoy Staff Parade!
Families Line the Streets For Staff Parade!
Nurses from Valley Medical Center say Thank You!
VMC Nurse Thank Ms. Scovel's Class
Don't You Want A High Five
Ni Hao
Shop with a Cop Winners!!
We Miss You Already!
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