College Flags Fly Daily At El Toro!
All Aboard For Science Camp!
I Know This Answer!!
We're Going to Science Camp!
Celebrating National Crayon Day!
Welcome to Ms. G's Coffee Shop
Science is Awesome!!
5th Grade Plays a Friendly Game
El Toro Bull ~ Ole, Ole, Ole!
Mr. McDonald Reads a Story
Carolynn Brought Crayons for Kinders!!!
El Toro Staff
Look At What We Made
Rockin' and Rollin'
It's ALWAYS a Great Day to be at El Toro
Thank You Girl Scout Troop 60557 ~ For Our Little Free Library
Great Fundraiser Mrs. Miceli!!
How Much Did She Say to Add?
MHUSD Teachers of the Year
How Big Will This Get?
Can't this Go Any Faster?
Load Up That Kettlecorn
I Think This Goes in Next
Let's Go Surfin' Now...
No, Honest, We Are Scientists!
Walking on the Beach
El Toro Has a New Little Free Library
Mrs. Akin - Our Teacher of the Year!!
How Deep is That Hole?
Scientists At Work
5th Grade Natural Bridges Day
I Think We Did Something Wrong...
What a Great Day!
Our Awesome Percussion Club
Making Memories
I Just Add a Little of This...
Just Strolling on the Beach
We've Got This!!
LJ's Having a Great Beach Day!
Gold Rush Days
5th Graders at Natural Bridges Beach
Do You Want Another Card?
We Say YES to the Beach
Gold Rush Math
This Beach is Awesome!
Stories of the California Gold Rush
Chillin' on the Sand
Look at Our GOLD!!!
Ms. Cheryl's Family
Gold Panning
Cleaning the Creek
Old Time Boat Races
Great Job Girls
Swing Your Partner
We Are Cleaning Up the Park
Thank you Underhill Family
Gold Rush Days Butter
Tea Time with Ms. Amanda
Watch Our Boat Go
From the Redwood Forests
This is How They Made Butter
Look at that Boa!
This Land Was Made For You and Me
Mrs. Golubocks 5th Grade
What is That?
Mr. Downer's 5th Grade
Happy Birds Macaw
Here Comes Mr. Downer's Class
Jungle James' Boa
Learning Metal Stamping
Here Comes Mrs. G's Class
Book Fair Fun
Cockatoo Rides a Scooter
Now That is a Snake!
Books, Books, Books
Open Air Reading Groups
That's Exactly How It's Done!
Some Very Brave Students
We Love Books
Staff Appreciation
Trash on Main Street
How Long is That Snake?
Ms. Cheryl's Family and 456 Pounds of Trash
Freedom Essay Contest Winners
Our Leaderboard
2nd Grade Living History Museum
Mrs. Akin & Jennifer Reporting For Duty
Scholastic Book Fair Arrives at El Toro
How Much Trash Did You Find?
Freedom Essay Winners
Koepnick Family Heading Out to Find Trash
I am Susan B. Anthony
A Shopping Cart Loaded With Trash
Come On Let's Dance
Thank You Moralez Family!
Let's Go Clean Up the City
We Are Ready to Clean Up the Streets
Mrs. Scovel's Crew

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