Playground Rules

1. When the bell rings, all students freeze and stop talking.

2. Before school, wait for second bell. At recess time, wait for whistle. Then walk to your assigned line.

3. When bell rings, students must ‘drop’ from bars and move away from equipment.

4. When bell rings, move out of tether ball circles.

5. Do not hit tether balls after bell rings.

6. Do not bounce or throw balls after bell rings. Offenders lose ball, to principal’s office.

7. No bathroom or drinks after bell rings.

8. No running on blacktop at any time unless involved in an organized game. Offenders will lose recess privileges.

9. Balls may not be kicked on blacktop. The ball will be taken away. Red balls are not to be kicked at all.

10. One grade level is assigned to all equipment.

11. Students using rings and bars will go one at a time in one direction only. Certain grade levels are restricted from certain areas of the equipment for safety reasons.

12. No acrobatics are to be performed on the bars and equipment.

13. Students may not interfere with games. All games are open to all students to participate.

14. Footballs, soccer balls, softballs are to be used on the grass areas only, not on the blacktop.

15. Tackle football is not allowed.

16. Students must walk their bikes while on school grounds.

17. Snacks must be eaten at metal tables only.

18. Citations will be given for serious yard problems. Time out periods on the bench may also be used to change behavior.

19. Balls are not to be bounced against the building.

20. No throwing balls at each other except in organized game.

21. No walking through other people’s games.

22. Any activity may be suspended for a period of time determined by school administration for safety purposes.