Music Notes


   It’s been a busy music month for our students!

  Our fifth graders have received their recorders and music folders. Please be sure your 5th grader brings his/her recorder and music folder on the following days:

Students at Walsh STEAM Academy – Mondays
Students at Barrett Elementary – Tuesdays
Students at El Toro Elementary – Wednesdays
Students at Los Paseos Elementary – Thursdays and occasional Fridays

  Our 5th grade teachers send home weekly reminders as well. The students are very excited about playing an instrument and actually reading music!

   We have completed our study of the keyboard and string instrument families. In November, we will study brass and woodwinds. We have discovered the larger the instrument, the lower its pitch. And, the smaller the instrument, the higher its pitch. We have also listened to and identified major and minor key. Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” has captured the students’ imagination. This composition was written long ago, but is frequently played during the Halloween season.

    Our younger students have been singing a variety of songs. One of their favorites is “Teach Me to Read”, a song about literacy. We have also learned “Autumn Leaves” and “In the United States We Vote.” Of course, with Halloween right around the corner, we’ve been singing “Candy Man” and “Charlotte’s Web”. We have worked on rounds, echo songs, and ostinatos. We honored the “Great California Shake Out” by singing “Shimmy, Shimmy, Shake”. Our Patriotic songs have been our National Anthem and “A-M-E-R-I-C-A”.

  I would like to invite you to our annual observance of Veteran’s Day to be held in downtown Morgan Hill on November 11th, beginning at 9 a.m. This Morgan Hill tradition honors those men and women who serve in our Armed Services. We gather in the median at Monterey and First Street to sing songs and remember the sacrifices of our soldiers. If you attend, please have your youngster wear red, white and/or blue. Members of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are requested to wear their uniforms.

   The 4th Annual Veteran’s Day Run ( begins at the conclusion of our Veteran’s Day Observance. Participation in one or both of these events enables our youngsters to realize the true meaning of Veteran’s Day.

 With a song in my heart, Karen Ann Crane