Music Notes


  Happy New Year to you and your families!  Our musical year is off to a great start. All fifth and sixth graders now have recorders.  Our 6th graders have been playing since October and are doing so well!   We are working on harmony. Our fifth graders received their recorders this week.

  The recorder is a wonderful instrument.  Students learn to read music, how to play using dynamics, and have the opportunity to participate in a cooperative learning situation.  In the past, many of our recorder players have gone on to play in the middle and high school bands.

  Speaking of band, soon it will be time for youngsters to sign up for middle school elective classes.  Please consider having your student participate in band.  Students have the chance to perform, to do some traveling, and to develop a lifelong love of music.

  Students have been asked to keep their recorders in their backpacks.  They may practice at home if they wish.  These recorders are theirs to keep.  If a student loses his/her recorder, I will replace it for $3.  Students should bring their recorders to school on the following days:

Walsh Elementary: Mondays
Barrett Elementary: Tuesdays
El Toro Elementary: Wednesdays
Los Paseos Elementary: Thursdays

  Our younger students have been using rhythm sticks to play percussion patterns.  We have studied the music associated with the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We learned how music brought people together during the Civil Rights Movement.  We have also studied the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and defined the term, “child prodigy”.

  We learned the song, “100 Days”, celebrating the first 100 days of school.  We spent time answering the question in the lyrics of the song, “What can you do now that you couldn’t do on the first day of school?”  Answers ranged from “tie my shoes”, to “do multiplication” and “name the fifty states”.  Wow!  Our teachers have been busy!

  On a personal note, I would like to thank Morgan Hill Values Youth for naming me “Adult Role Model of the Year”.  The award was presented at their conference on Saturday.  I am very proud to be the recipient of this award, I so believe in our youth.

   Now, on to February and the Songs of the South!      Karen Ann Crane